International Air Show - Colombia
July 11TH to 14TH, 2019
Rionegro - Antioquia

Total success of the VIII edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017

  • The Legacy 450 is able to take off and land on short runways, allowing it to access more airports around the world.
  • The executive jet set a speed record on a flight between Hawaii and California, traveling 3,829 km in 4 hours and 27 minutes, when it previously covered 3,905 km. In 5 hours and 14 minutes


Bogota, Colombia. July 15th.  One of the most important companies in the construction of commercial, military and executive aircraft is present in the VIII edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017.

This is the Brazilian company Embraer Executive Jets, which makes the official launch of its new executive jet. "The Legacy 450 is truly an outstanding combination of technology and design that offers fly-by-wire digital flight controls, a larger cabin with standing space and storage capacity and speed." says Gustavo Teixeira, Vice President of Sales for Embraer Executive Jets.

The Legacy 450 is the fastest Jet Mid-Light on the market and has a maximum range of 5,371 km/h allowing flights from Bogotá to Chicago or San Pablo, operating up to 45,000 feet. "It is in market this year as the fastest jet in its class, presenting a unique design in its class with technology and performance unequaled in its segment" concludes Gustavo Teixeira

The aeronautics fair, which brings together more than 200 exhibitors from the Americas, Asia and Europe, is the showcase of the extended-wing industry, as a platform for the aviation business and in the setting of exciting aerial shows for the entertainment of all.

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