International Air Show - Colombia
July 11TH to 14TH, 2019
Rionegro - Antioquia

Total success of the VIII edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017

  • During the 8th edition of the fair, there are businessmen from the civil and military sector, manufacturers of aircraft and aviation equipment, avionics systems producers, service generators, and industry experts.
  • The event organized by the Colombian Air Force and the Civil Aeronautics, operated by Corferias, is the ideal space where the general public and professional know the latest advances in world air navigation.

Bogota, Colombia. July 15th.  Positioned as the most important aeronautical fair in the region, F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017 brings 15 national and international delegations from America, Asia and Europe, as well as businessmen from the most renowned aeronautical industry brands in the United States, Israel, Brazil , Chile, Canada and Spain, covering 104,000 square meters, where they present to the professional and general public the latest developments in the supply of aerospace technology, radars, radio aids, drones, satellites, ground support equipment and medical equipment Aerospace, among others.

"During this 8th edition, international companies were part of the business agenda in a space that sought to overcome the 672 commercial appointments made in the previous edition" says Coronel Edgar Sánchez Canosa, Director of F-AIR Colombia 2017.

Among the innovations brought by exhibitors, Canada comes with the maintenance, repair and overhaul service provider for fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators worldwide, Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services INC

Also, one of the great contributions made by the Chilean company SAAB International S.A. to the 8th edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA is "the presentation of the full-size replica of the Gripen aircraft, a single-engine, lightweight aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force, designed from its inception to have 'high maneuverability' in closed combat" says Coronel Sánchez, Deputy Director General of Civil Aeronautics and Director of F-AIR Colombia 2017

The Spanish company Ink Aviation Systems S.L.U. brings to this new edition Ink Cloud, a next generation platform for airports, airlines and ground handlers, reducing registration times by up to 50%, processing passengers faster, easier and better, without the need to increase the airport infrastructure and enabling new ways to generate profits for airlines.

From Israel, we are visited by big companies recognized worldwide in the industry of the security and air defense sector. Israel Aerospace Industries is the largest state-owned aerospace and defense company, introduces high-tech defense systems such as the Barak 8, an advanced long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) designed to defend against any threat, as well as the B767 tanker of the Colombian Air Force and very high resolution earth observation satellites.

The Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems brings to F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017 the airborne observation systems, navigation and targeting (Litening) and real (Recelite), detection of small arms fire sources for quick contact between the sensor and the shooter (Spotlite) in Kfir C10 aircraft, as well as TopLite's Multi-High Definition electro-optical system, the most advanced version for aerial, ground and defense applications, enabling unique operating capabilities complemented by advanced algorithms for advanced image processing and applications.

Additionally, the fair brings American companies from the aeronautical sector as Kallman Worldwide, Jet Support Services, Sikorsky Material Services, Textron Aviation, Med Air, Dassault Falcon Jet, Gulf Coast Avionics, S3 International, TLD America, Satcom Direct, Integrated Procurement Technologies and Pelican Flight training.

Kallman Worldwide brings 'USA Partnership Pavilion', the pavilion that represents the companies of the United States, has the presence of the most representative exhibitors of this country, such as Aero Precision, Aerovironment, Air Tractor, Defense Technology Equipment, Mag DS Corp, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Rogerson Kratos, and Universal Avionics Systems Corporation.

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