International Air Show - Colombia
July 11TH to 14TH, 2019
Rionegro - Antioquia

Total success of the VIII edition of F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017

  • The Civil Aeronautics and the Colombian Air Force will present the latest strides in the field of aeronautical technology, aerospace and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • France will the main guest at the XVIII EDITION OF F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017.
  • F-16 airplanes from the United States Air Force, “Escuadrilla Fumaça” from Brazil and “los Halcones” from Chile, will be the air shows at F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017.


Bogotá D.C., May 2017. The VIII AERONAUTICAL INTERNATIONAL FAIR "F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017, the most important meeting in Colombia and the most outstanding  in Latin America, was presented today at Corferias, in the presence of aeronauticals authorities, representatives of the aerospace industry, representatives of the National Government, opinion leaders and the media.

From July 13th to 16th, Colombia will become the principal stage of the aeronautic activity of the region, where businessmen from the civil and militar sector, avionics systems producers, services generators, as well as sector experts, will meet.

"We are convinced that this tradeshow is an excellent opportunity to establish new commercial and business bonds in the nacional and internacional field. Also, it is a great opportunity for entertainment and knowledge for all our assistants” says Edgar Sánchez, Civil Aeronautic Director.

The event is organized by the Colombian Air Force and the Civil Aeronautics, and will be operated by Corferias. Will count with air journals exhibitions from the United States and Brazil, as well as a large academic agenda in charge of important representatives on the aeronautics sector.

“For this new edition, we are bringing the latest satellite communication systems, radars, radio navigation aids, drones and cutting edge equipments, that are already being used in international markets and that guarantee that the air operation in the country developes in optimal safety conditions”, concludes the Civil Aeronautics General Director.

Additionally, the VIII F-AIR COLOMBIA 2017 edition will provide the opportunity to observe and aprecciate civil and military aircrafts closely in land and air, with an important transport aircraft show, entertainment, insignia, remotely manned and helicopters samples including Boeing KC 767 "Jupiter", T-37 "TWEET" aircraft, "Kaydet" PT-17 aircraft, Scan Eagle and Bell 212, among others.


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